A downloadable game for Android

Our team creation for the VRJam 2016. The theme, same as Ludum Dare, was Shapeshifting.

Team members: Christina Goefron - @cgoefron - Code & Graphics; Jack Chu - @kamui - Code; Veronica Grijalva - @veronicats - Code, Writing, Voiceover

Platform: Gear VR; Cardboard added on 4/18 (Bug fix implemented 4/19 to fix camera freeze on some devices)

Controls: Cardboard - Click to toggle movement. Gear - Press and hold d-pad on HMD to move. (Is a little janky sometimes.)

Obelisk is an interactive narrative experience. In terms of the theme, a character's shape has been changed. In addition to that, there is a scene with shapes that are dynamically shifting in response to the viewer's movement.

We hope you enjoy experiencing it as much as we enjoyed making it. Thank you to the wonderful hosts of the game jam, to Sketchfab, Unity, especially the wonderful community with their helpful answers and prefabs. :)


Obelisk-Cardboard.apk 71 MB
Obelisk-GearVR.apk 65 MB


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