A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A group of friends got together to see if we could make a game over a weekend. This is what happened. We may continue development because we had a ton of ideas that weren't implemented.


Oonico is a legend. The only urchin in the sea to have been bestowed with the legendary lance, gifted by the great narwhal. The lance imbues him with powers that enable him to protect his urchin brethren from the dangers abundant in the water. He will battle deadly trigger fish, ingenious cormorants, and devious otters.


While the game is currently a shooter, the final game will be a different take on the shooter/bullet hell. The main character will have a weapon, and that weapon is his body (and his lance), he will have to dodge bullets and attack the enemy's weak point for massive damage. We hope you enjoy our prototype.



  • Justin Acker - Programming
  • Corinne Cohen - Art & Design
  • Steven Dale - Music & SFX
  • Veronica Grijalva - Art & Design

Special thanks to Pixelnest for their excellent 2D shooter tutorial and for making their code open source. Thanks also to Jack Chu, Luke Foremski, Christina Goefron, and HoTeck Kan, for their advice, skills, and encouragement.

Install instructions

Windows: Download the EXE for Windows and the accompanying data pack in the RAR file. Extract the RAR to the same folder that has the EXE. Double click the EXE to launch.

Mac: Download the ZIP file and extract.

Recommended resolution is 1280x720.


Legendary Oonico - For Windows 16 MB
Legendary Oonico - For Windows (Data) 56 MB
Oonico.Build1.zip 44 MB

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